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Defensive Combat System

Instructor profile

Matt Ratcliffe



Matt has trained in Martial Arts since his youth.

Starting with Judo at age 6,
he later moved on to Karate where he excelled as a student throughout his early teenage years, and in his late teens he went on to win a North London Karate competition.

Whilst being a Karate practitioner, Matt simultaneously started to train in Kickboxing and quickly found that it was the style that was developing his practical fighting skills the most so he decided to focus his energy on Kickboxing, training for many more years and going on to compete in some amateur bouts with great success.

During the early 2000's Matt started to study Wing Chun Kung Fu,
he trained for over 3 years with the UK WING CHUN KUNG FU ASSOCIATION under top instructor, Master Mark Phillips.

He then continued his Kickboxing training and also started to focus on strength & conditioning and weight training, but due to his love of Combat Sports and the natural evolution and emergence of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) he started looking for something new and his curiosities grew towards different styles of self defence.

In January 2011 Matt began studying Krav Maga with 'LONDON KRAV MAGA' who are part of KRAV MAGA GLOBAL (KMG), who's founder and Chief Instructor is Eyal Yanilov.

At 'London Krav Maga' Matt trained under head instructor Marcos Lall who was the first to attain expert level status in the UK, given by Eyal.

The other talented and experienced instructor to teach Matt over the years has predominantly been Mikey Husey.
Matt has also learned from Marc Nohr and Stel Perri.
All are instructors at 'London Krav Maga'

In January 2013, In addition to Krav, Matt started Boxing.

Since February 2014 Matt has been trained by Boxing Coach Alan Starling (An Ex-Army Boxing Champion)

With Al as his coach Matt went on to compete in the boxing ring at an amateur level, also with great success.

But not wanting kicking, knees, elbow & clinch techniques to take a back seat to punching skills...
In June 2016 Matt also started to train in Muay Thai, Being trained by personal trainer & Muay Thai coach Jordan Young.

In November 2016, after almost 6 years of training in Krav, Matt began Krav Maga instructor training.

In December 2016 Matt successfully completed instructor training and obtained his instructor qualification through the 'BRITISH KRAV MAGA ASSOCIATION' (BKMA) under Training Director and Head Coach Paul Grey.

In February 2017 Matt founded his own club

Matt continues to study Krav Maga, Muay Thai & Boxing to this day to maintain skill levels and fitness, to keep up to date with developing Krav techniques, and to always keep learning.

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