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Defensive Combat System



"I am not experienced, will I be able to train in Krav Maga?"

  - Yes!  We welcome everyone from beginners to martial artists of all ability levels.
The beauty of Krav Maga is that it is a system that is designed to be learned quickly by anyone
so that in a short space of time you should be able to execute basic self defence techniques.


"What will I need to wear?"

  - Required clothing for training is a pair trainers & comfortable loose clothing

i.e - gym shorts or tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt

(Club t-shirts are also available, ask your instructor for details)


"Will I need to bring any special equipment?"

  - We strongly recommend that you bring water to rehydrate during the class.
We strongly recommend that you purchase some basic safety equipment for training, such as...
Groin guard
Mouth guard / gum shield
MMA gloves / hand protection
Forearm protection

More protection will be needed if sparring, i.e. - Boxing gloves, head guard, shin guards
The Sparring/fighting curriculum is for more advanced students.

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